Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Der Truck... war tot.

Let me premise this by saying I don't believe in this sort of shit, not one bit.

I haven't had dreams in quite a long time, now, but since starting the road trip, I've been dreaming a lot lately. People who know me know why, but that's beside the point.

When I start dreaming, the dreams are long, very detailed, very realistic. Sunday night/Monday morning, I had a very long, bizarre dream about The Truck. I had pulled into a large industrial complex with several buildings, small manufacturers, distributors, warehouses, all in the same few blocks, that sort of thing -- with no people anywhere outside. I wasn't sure why I was there.

Inside the buildings, people were like Oompah-loompahs from Willy Wonka -- working automatically, ignoring my presence completely. From within one of the buildings, I looked out of the window, and there was The Truck, parallel parked on the street, but not where I'd left it. I went running outside to see who'd moved it, and it was gone. I panicked.

I went running back inside a different building in the complex, looked out of a different window, and could see it parked in yet a different spot, went outside again, and again it was gone. This was becoming frustrating, and I couldn't find anyone to help me explain it or help me get back to it. Eventually I was crying because I couldn't get back to The Truck, no matter how I strategized. I awoke almost in tears from the realism of the emotional strain, and told my brother and nephew about the dream before leaving for North Carolina.

I arrived in Winston-Salem last night, stopped to buy a couple of things and called George, the EXPATRIATE EXPATRIATE EXPATRIATE EXPATRIATE EXPATRIATE in Carolina I was going to visit for the next couple of days, only to find out I'd screwed up horribly on his location. I was in NC -- He was in SC. Duh. Right after hanging up, I got back on the highway, and The Truck began to sporadically lose engine power. I didn't see any service signs at the next exit, but figured I'd better get off the highway.

When I pulled off the ramp, I could see a collection of sodium street lights a few blocks away, and thought it might be a small town. The Truck's problem was obviously fuel/air mixture, and I was thinking it was the O2 sensor -- either way, I needed to be findable.

I drove toward the lights -- it was an industrial complex; small manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, all in one large park, with no people anywhere. And here is where The Truck died.

I called the local non-emergency emergency number, and was connected to the Forsythe Country Sheriff's unit, who said they would send a unit out. So I waited. And waited. No unit. I was looking at The Truck, but couldn't drive it. 2 hours later, people began arriving for work at the complex. Even though I was partially blocking one of the driveways, the people ignored me, sitting there on my hood in the middle of their complex.

Another hour passed, and I approached the building when I saw a warehouse door open. I said, "Hi, I'm broken down here, the Sheriff was supposed to be on the way, and I was hoping I could use your restroom....." No eye contact, no acknowledgment from 5 feet away; the man just finished pulling the chain to open the last door, and walked away.

"Cue Twilight Zone theme," I was thinking, as the dream was replaying in my head over and over again.

The parallels were shattered when around the corner came 4 sets of sirens and seizure-inducing blue and white lights, speeding into the large complex. One of them squealed to a halt diagonally in front of me, Starsky & Hutch-style, and yelled, "YOU! Do you have anything to do with the alarm!"

"Alarm? I don't think so. I was just waiting for you guys to come out and help me with this...." and I noticed he was muni PD, not a deputy, and I sent him on his way. They went to the dead-end branch of the block and started investigating a building there, and he came back to help me and call a towing service on his way out of the lot. I wasn't invisible after all.

So. SOUTH Carolina to see the EXPATRIATE EXPATRIATE EXPATRIATE EXPATRIATE EXPATRIATE tomorrow. The Truck has been reborn, is running fine. And the shop even gave me a free hat for coming 6,000 miles to have my them change my fuel pump. I'm shocked at myself lately -- *Nothing*, absolutely *nothing* has pissed me off in an entire month.


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Blogger malek tawus said...

thats is more than kind of creepy.

as to not getting pissed of..well, hell you arent working for corporate schmucks that cannot get their heads out of their collective asses, you are getting to spend time doing whatever the hell you want, AND you got to fuck with the jesus freaks....what more could everyones favorite acerbic asshole want?

(other than some hot steamy sex, slowly pulling up the skirt to expose stockings and garter...*gasp* she's not wearing panties!!!)

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