Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It hasn't stopped

[Note: POSSIBLE LOST E-MAIL! If you've sent mail from a gmail, yahoo, or aol address, I may have lost it. I noticed today that hotmail has been classifying all mail from theses addresses as "block sender," meaning they're discarded without my being notified.

I've now set up a spam account at, and Bruce has provided me with an address on his server for my regular mail.]

I had some pretty cool human interest stories to tell from the boat trip, and especially from my two nights in the Tongass National Forest and Auke Bay, AK. They're still on hold, because I'm still learning how much there is to do here in PDX.

Today, it began with an e-mail from Fred's other, Terra, a violinist and conductor, inviting me to lunch at the Paradox, which is directly across the street from the theatre company former Toast director Tracy Hinkson is working with (btw, I might be able to sit in on rehearsal tomorrow).

We spent a great time talking about the classical and instrumental music scene in Portland with her violinist/composer friend, Jeff (I believe) -- and there are apparently a number of acoustic musicians here who like to perform experimental music, and there are venues and support for it. There are community orchestras, wind ensembles, etc., for all levels of players, should I decide to pick up the horn again.

After lunch, she took me for a drive around the area, to the park where she and Fred and friends held their handfasting ceremony, and eventually to Mississippi Pizza for music from a neat folk duet.

It's just not stopping. Art is everywhere, here. If I can't find something productive to do here, it'll be my own damned fault.


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