Saturday, September 24, 2005

Finally, photos...

The photo upload is working now. Yellowstone pics.

After living in Alaska for years and years, I'm kinda burned out on the "ooo, aaahh" factor of beauuuuuuutiful nature. The thing that was really interesting there was how life has adapted to this insane environment. Green plants and bacterial formations can be found in the hot runoff. Bison wander through the thermal fields and drink the boiling sulphide water.

Intelligent design my ass.

Oh. And I think members of Fight Club designed the warning signs

Check-out time is in ten minutes. It was nice to have a bed and a shower. I haven't even looked at the Atlas yet to see which direction I'm going today (other than generally East) -- I'll get that over breakfast.

See you folks in a few days....


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