Monday, September 12, 2005

Overwhelmed in Portland

I haven't the energy left to give more details at the moment, but I've reached an important decision already. Since arriving in Portland, I have decided not to go back to school in Pennsylvania. I'm still carrying out the trip, but will not be staying there for the couple of years I thought I'd be there.

Portland has opened its arms. It wants me to stay here.

In my first 48 hours, I've met with two directors, a playwright, and several graphic artists. A good friend-of-a-friend has invited me to breakfast with a pair of professional animators this weekend. I've been offered the opportunity to score a 10-minute film based on a very special Lanford Wilson play. Tomorrow morning, I'll be meeting again with the directors and with another theatre composer/sound designer to discuss how I could best add to the Portland theatre scene.

I've learned there's work for me all over. An old friend has offered me a place to live if I decide to come back after the long drive.

I keep looking for the man behind the curtain. I haven't even seen a curtain yet.

It's been non-stop opportunities in a place that I wasn't even seeking opportunities. And it's only been 48 hours.

My brain is full. I will be processing and recrunching data for weeks. Portland wants me to stay, and I can't find any reason whatsoever to say that's a bad thing.

Must sleep. Brain overload. But a *good* kind of brain overload.


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