Sunday, November 20, 2005

Burning for PDX

I started to head for the Grand Canyon yesterday, but...

Hanging around the people in Tucson made me miss hanging around with people in general -- significant, considering my sociophobic tendencies -- so I instead grabbed US 93 and headed straight for I-40 and the California border.

This morning after breakfast, I'm just going to burn toward I-5 and keep heading back to the new home, where I'll look for a job and hang out and seedy Portland coffee shops. Living on the continental west coast, I'll be able to come see the Redwoods and Grand Canyon some other time, after I get the Mini Cooper (maybe).

If I'm back in time, I might head to the Seattle area for an orphan artists' Thanksgiving hosted by a director and old friend from Anchorage, but after nearly three months on the road, I want a place to hang my hat for more than one or two nights.

See folks when I get there...


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